Saturday, June 04, 2011

On to Yerington and Fort Churchill

It was time to leave our paradise at Walker Lake. We will be back. 3 rigs moved to Yerington to a friends house. He packed us and our cars into his driveway. Rob Finch who we met with the Win's welcomed us with hugs and a great visit. Doug's rig and Janet's rig pulled in along side. Denise, Jerry & Joan headed to Fallon but we know we will be
back together somewhere down the road.

Rob took us on a tour of town then we stopped at his favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was mmm mmm good. 

The next day Janet took her rig to Sparks to get the measurements done for her repair. Bob & I went up to Fort Churchill to see if we wanted to take the rig to the geocache event this weekend. We cached along the way and saw this interesting house in the middle of nowhere. We also went to the overlook at the Anaconda Mines that we could see from Rob's house.

On Friday we moved up to Ft. Churchill for the CITO (cache in trash out) event. Laura & Harold were co-hosting it. We met them at Hawthorne.
We got there early to get a BIG site.  We didn't want to try to manuver where they were. 

It wasn't as big event as last year's but we had a great time meeting everyone. 
We really enjoyed meeting John (trdball) & Kevin (darkstar) who we teamed up with to get 2 of the FTF's (first to find) caches.  They even helped Bob go back and look for Donna's lost GPS that fell out of her pocket.

We had a nice picnic lunch and then toured Buckland Station  that was on the Pony Express Route and also a stopping point later on a railroad route.

In the evening we had a campfire. Great time with new friends.

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