Tuesday, June 07, 2011


While we were at the Cache event we met Larry & Jamie McCoy. They are rver's and members of FMCA (Family Motor Coach Assoc.) They have been listed as a stop-in for overnight in the FMCA directory for the last 9 years and have never had anybody stop. So we remedied that. We arrived on Sunday. We took a drive up to Virginia City on 6 Mile Canyon Rd. Beautiful drive. No pictures as it started to sprinkle. When we got to VC it was pouring rain. Being a weekend it was packed with tourists. We will return. When we got back Larry had ribs cooking and we joined them for dinner in their big workshop.
It rained all night & early in the morning Doug & Janet pulled in to park here also. In the early afternoon the weather cleared up and we decided to head to Virginia City again. The four of us walked around town. It was cooler and windy up there so we ducked into many gift shops & casinos.   

The Silver Queen casino has made Ripley's Believe It or Not with this beautiful Queen made of over 3100 silver dollars. 
We had to check out the Suicide Table.
This is the Mc Kay mansion. Wondered if it was our friend Brad's home.

There were many interestings signs.
This was on a T-shirt.    Love this Live Music sign.

We played tourist. 
Watched gold panning. 

Most of the museums etc were closed because it was Monday and they were very pricey. Some of the packaged deals were upwards of $50. We chose a nice warm casino for dinner then headed back home via the 6 Mile Canyon. Much prettier without the rain. 

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Brad said...

So that's where I left my mansion... I've been looking all over for it...lol.
Always good to hear from you guys.
Brad McKay