Monday, June 13, 2011

Carson City

We arrived at the Eagles Aerie in Carson City just a few blocks from the state capitol. Janet & Doug came also as our guests as they aren't Eagle members. 

Donna had a doctor's appointment on Friday for the bursitis in her left hip. A cortisone injection and physical therapy should help.

This weekend there was a Mountain Man Rendezvous & Civil War Reenactment at the park nearby. 

We first walked to the Capitol and toured it. 
Met Chris who is a wannabe RVer.

Sunday was a long drive over to Lake Tahoe and the drive around the lake.  

We also took the beautiful Mt. Rose drive over the mountain to Reno. 

 Can just see Reno down in the valley.

We met our friend Paul at the downtown Nugget restaurant. There was a car show and the streets were blocked off.

We strolled along the riverfront and were memorized by the kayaker's flipping around in the river.  Paul said the city blocked off the river and cemented the area where the kayaker's are doing their stunts.

After PT for Donna on Monday we drove to Pyramid Lake. It is named for the pyramid island that can be seen on the opposite shore.  It is the lake formed by the Truckee River that flows out of Lake Tahoe. 

At the end where the river comes in where thousands of swans & white pelicans.

 Back in Sparks we stopped at Scheel's, a sports store similar to Cabela's.
 Even has a ferris wheel.
Donna wanted this outfit. 
Had lunch at the Nugget and saw this solid gold rooster. It's worth over $300,000 and had been in jail twice, confiscated by the US treasury. A trial was held and it was free to be displayed once again.

Grabbed a geocache on the way home.
There was an interesting painted dog rock we passed.


Claudia said...

You guys are making me home sick! If you head up to Truckee, be sure and check out Boca, Stampede, and Prosser lakes. There is usually some good lake Kayaking there .

Matt L. said...

Thanks for making us a part of your trip!

Matt L.