Friday, June 17, 2011

Onward & Upward

Donna was released from physical therapy with a set of exercises to do. A quick phone call to Bob and he had the rig ready to roll by the time she got home. An hour later we were in California. We saw some"more red rocks" and pretty Honey Lake. 

We stopped our first night at Old Station. The National Forest campgrounds, while lovely, do not have sites to accommodate rv's of any size but a little class C, pop-up campers or tents. So we found a business that was closed and parked there.

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast @ J & J's Cafe and met the owner who camps in the desert near Bouse in the winter. Their wheat toast was at least 1 1/2" thick and hmmm, hmmm good. We asked if we could remain parked there and drove to see Lassen National Park. Only 10 miles of the road have been open from the winter snows but it still was beautiful. Lassen Peak could be seen from a long way off. 

Bob got to check out the "hot rock"  

and we decided not to picnic here. 

Manzanita Lake was pretty near the north gate. 

We moved on to Burney 28 miles up the road and found the empty lot behind the Rite-Aide where the Win's had parked. Took out the car and drove 10 miles to see McArthur-Burney Falls State Park. Donna had been here before and Bob needed to see it. There was a .3 mi trail to the pool at the base and it was a lovely stroll with many picture ops along the way. The most interesting feature is the water that comes out of the cracks. There seems to be much more water flowing into the pool than what flows out. We then drove up to Britton Lake where the water goes.

Bob did a POI (points of interest) on our car GPS and we ended up at these sculptures.

We then decide to geocache on the way home. Picked up 1/2 doz or more but really enjoyed the container for this one. 

Left Burney and headed for Alturas for an overnight but kept going, going, going. It was suppose to be 90 miles and we continued for 195 miles. The scenery was beautiful along the way. Here is the Lassen NP range.  
Mount Shasta off in the distance. 

 Goose Lake on the CA/OR border.
Pretty flowers. 
and the Abert Rim 

We ended up at Summer Lake Hot Springs and there is a Coyote Festival that I will tell you about in the next blog.

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