Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Springs & Loud Music

Summer Lake Hot Springs. About an hour out we saw it on the map, called to see if there was room and told they were having the Coyote Music Festival on Friday & Saturday. Most people arrived in tents or little rv's, some slept in their cars. All ages here, hippie, yuppies, and very interesting people to talk to. There were two outside pools that were HOT 
and one huge indoor swimming pool that was so-so. Lots of children present.

And VERY LOUD MUSIC. We stayed in the motorhome with the windows shut and could still listen and we were about 400 yards away from the stage.

Donna's hip seemed to be feeling better with the hot soaks. We went geocaching near the little town of Paisley. In the description of the cache it was noted that Paisley is home of the Mosquito Festival. We found some of them. Mosquito's that is.

Saturday there was storms. First started with wind. Summer Lake is a dry lake bed with just a little water off in the distance. The winds kicked up the dust and at one point we couldn't see 50 yards. Then the rain came and settled the dust, then there was a fog, sunshine and even a rainbow. All during that the music was still being played.

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Laurie and Odel said...

We enjoyed Summer Lake Hot Springs a couple of years ago... or was it three? Or four? Anyway, it is one of the reasons we just visited Cyrstal Crane Hot Springs up near Burns, maybe 150 miles from Summer Lake. Wonderful outdoor pool (avg temp around 95, but you can find hotter water at the inflow) and they honor both Passport America and Escapees, so good prices. If you are looking for another place to soothe your hip, I reviewed it with photos: