Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Holes, Rocks and Cracks

We moved 30 miles up the road to the Deshutes Nat. Forest where there is lots of parking in the pine trees at the summit of the hill. It took us awhile to locate the best possible place for a clear shot at the satellite and for sun to reach our solar panels. We then took a run into LaPine 30 miles up the road to check out the Thousand Trails. We visited with Greg & Jan who are staying there. We weren't impressed as it has too many trees and they said there were lots of mosquitos. We stopped and checked out the American Legion & Moose Lodge which are right next door to each other right in LaPine. The people were very friendly at the American Legion and said we were welcome to come there and dry camp free even though they have campsites as does the Moose at $10 a night. We will give them a donation and participate in their meals & social hours.

The afternoon was spent looking at holes. There are two craters nearby. Hole-In-The-Ground was real impressive as there are no trees (very few) inside the crater. We drove about 1/4 around it and decided not to go down into it. We were alone there.

We then went to Big Hole. It was hard to visualize as it is filled with trees but looking in the other direction was impressive. We could see clear back to Christmas Valley on the left and over by the mountain on the right you can just see Table Rock where we had spent the previous night. Couldn't see the crack.

We caught a few geocaches. One was just 436' from the front of our rv. Couldn't find it and made a comment to the owner and he gave us a hint.

The next day we visited Fort Rock.  The front side isn't there because of wave action. 

Bob liked the lichen.  While Donna liked the wildflower's.  

We then drove cross country on roads we shouldn't have been on but it was fun. Even saw 5 pronghorn. We were heading to the Crack In The Ground that we had seen a couple of days ago to go hike through it.

We met the McDonald Family (Jeff & Patty and their son's Cole & Chance) who where there to recreate the picture they took 18 years ago when the boys where small. 

Bob was the photographer 
then they took our picture and we followed them thru the crack.

On the way home we went to the tower on top of Green Mt. What a view. That dark blob in the center is Fort Rock. 
The day ended with us moving to the American Legion in La Pine. Another 32 mile day.

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