Saturday, June 25, 2011

La Pine, New Friends and New Sites

The day we visited Fort Rock, Bob picked up a newspaper for the area and spotted an ad where a lady was asking help to learn how to use her Garmin GPS. We called an arranged for her to met us. Gael & Tom arrived in the morning and Bob helped them. We thought they were wanting to learn to geocache but they have no time to cache but love to hike & wanted to use it for hiking. We visited for awhile. We talked about restaurants in the area and at 4 o'clock they came back for us and we went to Tumalo to the Tumalo Feed Co. for a delicious steak dinner. I guess we all think alike because except for the temperature of the steak we all ordered the same meal.

We toured the High Desert Museum one day. It came highly recommended and it was. We spent 3 hours there looking a exhibits both inside & out.  An early mobile home? 
A sleepy links. 
A more stationary house. 
A barbed wire horse would be hard to ride.

A homestead. 160 acres.

  A sawmill ordered from Sears.

We drove to Sister's for an early dinner. 

There are statues here too. 

And beautiful mountains.  


Jeff McDonald said...

Hello Bob and Donna! So sorry I missed you yesterday while you were in Sisters :( You took a picture of the sign that I built a couple years ago...Welcome to Sisters....Please come back :)

Jeff McDonald

Jim Melvin said...

While in the area you should check out the Metolius River/Camp Sherman area. It is really beautiful. Go to to see more.

Enjoying your travels.