Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Gorge

We parked at Rufus at the COE property. It is really just a gravel/sand bar right on the river but it's free for 14 days. 

When we pulled in we were surprised to find a WIN friend parked here. Gail Upton and her granddaughter Jen. Had a lovely social hour or two while watching the kite surfer's perform their acrobatics a few hundred feet away. There were 8 of them.
We also are in awe of the barges & tugs.

The next day was a beautiful relaxing day. Said our goodbye's to Gail, got the chairs out riverside and read. Our friends from our hometown, Audrey & Gary drove over 100 miles one way to come and visit with us. They are work campers near Sandy, WA and wanted to see this area. Our neighbors went fishing and boating and got all these big bass. 

Out exploring. We gathered geocaches along the way.
Saw Stonehenge.  A memorial to WW1 casualties from Maryhill
 with a view of Mt. Hood. There was a cache there.

Went to Maryhill Museum of Art. A mansion that was never used as a home overlooking the gorge.

Donna seeing if the throne fits. 

 Sculptures in the garden.

Took the WA side west to The Dalles. Saw a sign that said locomotive and we went to investigate. Of course, it helped there was a cache there also. The locomotive was huge. 102' long. weighed 365,600# height 15'3" Made in 1923 retired in 1957.

 At the Dalles we went to the Historic Baldwin Saloon for lunch. It was built in 1876. The bar back was awesome but the food was fantastic.

On the way home we cached some more.
 Stopped at a state park along the Deschutes River. Just as we approached the bench where the cache was a gentleman sat down. We started to visit as they are camped nearby and we told him & his wife all about cacheing. I know he is "a muggler" but we like to spread the word and I think he is going for it.

We've decided to explore one day & rest the next so that's what we are doing. Life doesn't get better when you have the river and beautiful cliffs around.

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Barbara said...

Ahhh what memories you are parked exactly where I was last year. Enjoy your long weekend. Hugs to you both.