Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mt. Hood

It was real windy in the gorge. We brought in the slides on the driver's side and did a day trip.  Our home & garage can been seen off I84.
Stopped at a rest area to stretch.  The island was bigger before the dams & was used as an Indian burial place. Lewis & Clark named it Secular as they saw 13 canoe coffins.

At Hood River we got on Rt 35, the Fruit Loop,
 on up to Mt. Hood. 

 Timberline Lodge was built during the depression in only 15 months. Theodore Roosevelt dedicated it. We decided the only one that was really warm had to have been the blacksmith.  The fireplace was tire chains for the screen & railroad rails for the andirons.  This was the door handle on the main door.

The snow covered these windows last month.

 This doodad protects the picture window from flexing & breaking in the 120 mph winds.

 The stoneworkers made this massive fireplace that was 3 stories tall.

6 of these columns were made out of tree trunks by the carpenter's in two weeks and they got paid $25 for each.

Carver's depicted history.

 The Oregon Trail.

Wild life

  The stairs were from telephone poles that cost they $2 each and the newel posts were birds & animals.

 While dining we watched the snowboarders & skiers out the window.

The elevator even had a button for earthquake emergency.

After leaving we went to Government Camp to see what it was like.
 On rt. 35 there were these pretty lava flows.

Back at Hood River our GPS's POI told us about these sculptures.  at Mikey's Muffler's.

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Barbara and Ron said...

You got a great picture of Mt, Hood and I loved the muffler sculptures.