Monday, July 04, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Bob says this is the first time fireworks came to us. The little town of Rufus puts on quite an event, even if it wasn't on the Fourth. Saturday, more & more people arrived. First the rv's then the cars. The area was jammed. The fireworks were shot off just a little ways away from us and the wind was blowing toward us. We were real nervous about embers coming down on our rv. Donna felt something hit her shoulder and some of the embers actually didn't extinguish until they hit the river just off shore from our site.

We had plenty of company while here. Two or 3 families came & parked right behind us. They are kite boarders so we really got up close with the kites.  That is our motorhome behind him.

He's launched
 There were 17 out on the river at one time in just about 1/2 mile stretch. 

Met Doug who teaches kite boarding and told us all about it, even if we don't want to try it. Visited with his parents who travel in a Casita and have a home in Freeport, ME near Bob's son.

Met a nice lady, Connie who parked next to us. 

There is a paddleboat that cruises the river for a week clear up to the ID border.  Saw it going both ways.

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