Sunday, July 24, 2011


We were headed for the Bremerton Elk's & stopped by the Tacoma Elk's & decided to stay here and see Seattle from here before heading north on the Olympic Peninsula. Our first priority was a major pantry refill. Off to Sam's Club $387 and then to Walmart $195. Now we can say our cupboards aren't bare. When we got back Mel Wick a WIN friend was waiting for us & helped us unload the car. After a nice visit with him we all went to his favorite watering hole for dinner. Yum. The special was Lasagna and we enjoyed it.

The next day we headed out to see Seattle. First the Needle. Hard to believe that it's 50 yrs old next year. It cost us a wopping $36 to ride to the top.
While up there we had a chocolate mocha.

We sat with this nice lady, Ann Ritchy and told her our traveling adventure. She wants to do it now.

We then walked down the hill to the waterfront & caught the free bus. Stopped at Pike Market to see the fish being thrown. Didn't get a picture. Back on the bus to  Pioneer Square and Bob did the Underground Tour. Donna had already done it on a previous trip so she road the bus back to the Needle, picked up the car and circled around the area to pick up Bob. Did we mention the sun was shining. Got warm enough to even take our light jackets off.

Of course the next day was drizzly so we decided to do museums in Tacoma.
We toured the Glass Museum first. 
Watched a guest glass maker & his team.
Saw glass sculptures kids designed.  

We walked on the Bridge that has the Chihuly's pieces.  on the ceiling of the bridge
and on the side.

On to the Washington State Historical Museum. 
Like this tree made out of wooden items. 

Then to Gig Harbor where we visited with Mel 
& he showed us his bus conversion in progress. This is the view of the new Narrow's Bridge. 

The sun came out so we toured the Museum of Flight. A huge museum & it's being added to.

We then went to Brier & visited with Vicky & Terri Webb who helped us move into our motorhome.

Wow, on our way back we saw Mt. Rainier off in the distance so the next day we drove up to the Sunrise Visitor's Center. Lots of snow.
Had to laugh when I saw a lady having a picnic and she is wearing a tank top.

Decided to go see Snoqualmie Falls on our way home.
There was construction on the power part of it which spoiled the view but by editing that out the pics came out pretty good. 

Bob worked while I rested our last day. In the evening we took the 5 miles drive thru Fort Defiance Park nearby. Saw a view of the Narrows & bridge.
And the fort from outside. 


trailercamper said...

So many things to see and do in our little part of the world...

DiannaSheets said...

It was nice meeting and visting with you at the Chimicum Cafe this evening. I looked for you on FB but there are lots of Donna Huffer ladies. You are going to have to send me a friend request first... :)
My full FB name is Dianna Humphrey Sheets (lots of us alumni ladies use our maiden names as middle ones so we can find and know who we 'were' in school :)