Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chehalis Part II

We attempted to see Mt. St. Helen's one day. We were cacheing along the way and found this neat jail.

And the 3 rocks. 

It started to rain so we headed back down and saw
some wood sculptures. 
  Bigfoot had been wood until MSH blew. Now it's made of concrete.

Stopped at the Visitor's Center near Castle Rock and while Bob watched the film, Donna cached as she had seen it before.

We had arranged to meet Sherry Geddes & Ted Lehmann at the Red Lobster and we had a wonderful meal & visit. 

More gloom....stayed home, read, watched movies, did laundry. Boring. So we went into town for a movie. Saw Larry Crowne. Good flick.

We went to the ice cream social at the clubhouse on Sunday. There was music. Don on the right and his wife on the left were former WIN's and had real low numbers. They haven't been WIN's for a long time.

We stayed over one more day as the weather was predicting a day of sunshine and we could attempt to see Mt. St. Helen's. AND WE DID. 

Saw beautiful flowers.
We cached along the way. And found this interesting one.
  There was a rope inside the bird house and the cache had to be lowered by a rope/pulley system. You can see it on the far right coming down.

Stopped at a restaurant and invited Ron & Irene to join us at our table 
overlooking the river. Found out they too are staying at TT and are very close to our site. They are thinking about becoming Fulltimer's or at least extended timers.

We cached on our way home and found out a little history along the way. 
A Spring.  

 log trough and a slug.

A log cabin that was built by a man who came over the Oregon Trail. He held every position from postmaster to sheriff and his house was WA first Court House.

Back home we had a visitor. 

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