Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Parked at the Chehalis Thousand Trails park. We had to disconnect the trailer and leave it at the Adult Lodge parking lot. Took the car & scouted for sites. It is a huge park, mostly under very big trees. We found a couple of spots but one Donna wanted as it was more in the rv section & not the camper section. There is a difference. Anyway before setting up Bob tried to get the internet. Looked doubtful but after a foot or foot and half move we got it. Still amazes him.

After dinner we went down the road to get fuel and along the way stopped at a WIN's house. We had not met Jerry Armstrong before but had a lovely visit.

The next day we took off for Randle. Donna wanted to show Bob Windy Ridge overlooking Mt. St. Helen's crater. Signs in town said it was closed but we tried anyway. We crossed the Cowlitz River.
Passed by a major slide area.
It WAS closed due to snow on July 11th. Washington DC says NO PLOWING. Back in town we got a bite to eat, checked with the forest ranger and got fuel then headed to Mt. Rainier.

It was opened. 

Took lots of pictures.



Mt. Rainer. 

 Deep Gorges.  
180 feet down to water level.

 Lots of snow. 

Pretty lakes. 

 Retreating glaciers.

And lots of flowers.  

We drove past this wonderful sculpture park. Did a quick u-turn and strolled through lots of rusty stuff.

his tribute to 911 

and drift wood sculptures.
Future works. 

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Barbara and Ron said...

I agree. I really like the east entrance into Mt. St. Helens and Windy Ridge. I hope it's open by the time we get there.