Sunday, July 10, 2011

Downtown Portland and a visit

A few blocks away from the Elk's is the Gateway TriMet station. We walked to it, bought our $4.75 all day ticket and hit the mass transit system. It is above ground train into and around the city. We wanted to go to the city center but the information board never told us we were there and we ended up at Washington Park. That was OK because we wanted to go there eventually. 

We board city buses (on our same ticket) and it took us to the Rose Garden. And we saw roses.
Lots of them 

and all sizes.   

Richard had told us about the Forest Discovery Center and we had fun with the interactive displays and learned a lot. Bob even cut a tree down with the simulator. Not easy as the guy before him crashed the machine.

Reboarded the train and went downtown for lunch. Ate at a fancy restaurant.

Why is it the more you pay the less you get?

We strolled around. Saw Pioneer Square. 

Walked to the waterfront park along the Willamette River 
Saw these fountains along the way.

Then stopped at Ben & Jerry's for ice cream as we were still hungry from the "lite" lunch.  This young man was really enjoying his.

Back on the transit train and we were soon home.

The next day we drove toward Mt. Hood to see Audrey & Gary at the Mt. Hood Villages RV park where they are working for the summer. 
After a wonderful visit and a big lunch out we headed home along a different road through lots of forest, rivers and parks.

Back in Portland we went to the Grotto  that a friend had recommended. There is an upper level with gardens and a view but we were tired and went home.

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