Saturday, August 06, 2011

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Views

We went back over to Whidbey Island for 2 nights. After getting off the ferry we toured South Whidbey. 

Cached a little and saw some pretty views. 
 Went to Double Bluff then drove around the shoreline. 

We went back to the Thousand Trails park we stayed at last week. We got a new tent that we can stand up in. Took along an electric cord & heater so we could be warm. (Forgot to take a picture).

We went to La Conner and met Boomer friends Jenny & Dan Sheppard. After dinner we cached a little. We tried out the I-Pad system of cacheing. Liked it. 

A nice campfire ended the day.

Up early the next morning to met  Ron Sawchenko & Patty Eckhart, WIN friends. Ron has a sailboat & invited us to go crabbing with them. We left the marina & 1 1/2 hours later we anchored off shore of Saddlebag Island.  Bob & Ron went out in the inflatable to drop the traps. 
Then all four of us went to shore.

Donna & Ron took a walk around part of the island & got great view of Mt. Baker. 

The boat in the middle is Ron's. 

Back out to the traps Ron hauled in the catch. We are allowed to keep 10 (5 each for the 2 of them). Back into the water went the girl crabs & undersize ones. Bob assisted Ron in killing & cleaning the keepers. Back on shore Ron fired up the kettle and we were quickly chowing down on a feast of fresh crabs. 

Back at the marina we had a wonderful happy hour or two or three and more crab before heading back to camp.

The next morning we broke camp & headed home. We stopped for a cache at this beach & there were native american's there with the
 longest canoe we have ever seen. 51 feet. Hey, WIN's want a group boat?

Back at the motorhome we quickly unloaded, cleaned up and headed to the clubhouse where our Boomer friends were gathering for a burn your own. We had a great evening visiting.

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Barbara and Ron said...

That's quite a catch! I wonder if that's normal or just a good day.