Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Olympic National Park

Ahhhh, Back home to a warm home. Monday was busy. We extended our stay for 6 more nights. Ran out of propane so had to drive around the block at 1 PM to get it filled. 26 gallons. Bob thought we would be able to get our internet dish if we moved down a couple of spaces. That didn't work. Then it was off to the laundry room. 

With the chores out of the way it was time to go play again. We took off on a long day trip. Drove to Sequim. Stopped at a Big 5 Sports store & bought a larger tent. This one we can stand up in and have enough room that we can get dressed without laying on the bed to do it. Hmmm, I wonder if we can get a chair in it. Then it was off to Walmart for a refill on Donna's medication.

On we went to Port Angles. The Olympic National Park awaits us. It was a 17 mile drive up, up, up thru a "green tunnel" to the visitor center. It was an awesome view at the top. Dozens of mountains were seen.  Some with snow and even glaciers. Beautiful flowers. 

 And it was so fragrant we thought we were in a perfume shop. The meadows were covered with flowers and they in turn were covered with bees.  

In the distance the Strait of Juan de Fuca could be seen & on the other side was Victoria, CN and Vancouver Island. The San Juan Islands could be seen and Puget sound. Mt. Baker was hidden by the haze.

We had a bit to eat & started to geocache on the way home. One took us to the shore & on the way back we went to see where the troll's live.

  It was a "point of interest" on our GPS.

Another cache took us to a water garden. 

We also saw this eagle catch a mouse. 

Back home it was several hours spent at the clubhouse trying to catch up on the blogs. Maybe we shouldn't travel so much……but we are already planning two more nights away from the motorhome.

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