Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ocean City, Wa

We moved to the Thousand Trails Oceana park at Ocean City, WA. We had planned on going just about 50-60 miles but continued on. That darn jello shook again.

Along the way we had a blowout. Same position we had on Friday the 13th in May. A Fish & Wildlife police officer named Ernie stopped by & helped Bob. One of spares had leaked air. What's with these tires.

After settling in we took a walk to the beach for sunset. 

This collection of flotsam & jetsam was along side the path going out. At the beach we discovered someone had lots of time on his hands and created this ship. Don't think it will float. 

The next morning we loaded up the two tires and drove to Aberdeen where we went to the Les Schwab store. and for a grand total of $4.90 we got a new tire & one repaired. While waiting Donna went to Curves and we geocached the area. 
Got our #1500 at this memorial for firefighters who had given their lives in the line of duty. Fitting, as Bob was a volunteer firefighter. We had a delicious dinner in town and cached on the way back home. A long day but we did find 15 caches & saw some pretty scenery.

Out siteseeing & caching. We went as far north as we could and saw these pretty cliffs along a beach.

Around Gray's Harbor south shore to Westport to see WA's highest lighthouse. It sure is short & we don't believe it is even workable as the trees & dunes surrounding it a ship would have a hard time seeing it.

We are always awed by what people see in driftwood & can create these works of art.
 See the Eagle.
The whale and babies. 
And a guitar.

South of where we are camped is a more of the peninsula. The town of Ocean Shores is there and we were amazed at how large it is. We stopped for an oil & lube. Around the corner was a Curves so Donna worked out.

We drove to the far end and cached our way back.

This statue of a family clamming was suppose to have a cache but we didn't find it. Got to see the statue though.

Out at the jetty was a cache  and tons of goats heads that Bob had to pick out of his shoes.
 We got an ice cream cone & drove to this spot to eat it.


Barbara and Ron said...

I love the driftwood art, especially the guitar. Cool.

Anonymous said...

My sister and brother-in-law live in Ocean Shores so we like that area. One of our favorite restaurants is the Chinese place on the left side of the highway. The little Chinese grandmother makes her sweet & sour sauce from scratch. Yummy!
Love the driftwood art also. Have you been to Long Beach to the Kite Festival? Larry & Marlene