Sunday, August 14, 2011

On Goldie's Pond

We moved to Long Beach, Wa to a private home.  Parked with the Escapee's Boondocker's who are having a gathering for the  Kite Festival. We parked right next to an inlet of the Loomis Lake. Our friend, Joan is clear out on the point. She backed her 5th wheel all the way back there without help, and it's not a straight shot. Shortly after we arrived Doug & Janet came. Already here was Win friend's Freddie & Dwayne.

We had a great social hour or two on Goldie's porch in the afternoon. The next morning we headed out for breakfast, stopped at a museum/gift shop that Nick Russell had recommended. Bob got real friendly with the help.

Donna found.  Yuck. Made from poopoo.

We drove down to the beach & picked up a couple of caches along the way.
One was at the Ugly Mermaid. 

Monday the festival began and we headed to town.

Walked under the famous sign, thru the vendors & to the beach.
We visited with the Knight family who come to fly kites. They have been coming for about 3 years. Even their sons will compete. Got lots of pictures of the various kites.  


Lots of animals.
 And a string of fish.
Walked on the boardwalk & found a couple of caches even with all the mugglers (non-cachers) around. Then we headed to a vendor for a polish sausage which we split. Back up on the main street we stopped for a double ice cream. Back home we read/slept in our lawn chairs then headed to the fire ring for happy hour. 3 more rigs came in today.

We went with 2 other couples to Laurie's for breakfast. The portions are huge. A buttermilk biscuit is 6 inches square & 3 inches thick. Donna's fruit & yogurt plate had so much fruit on it she can eat for several days. Then off to the beach to watch the kite fights. About a dozen kites were launched and the last one flying wins. They get their lines tangles and try to bring the opponent down. Sometimes they cut the lines by sawing at them & the friction cuts them loose & they crash down or fly away. We then drove to the most northern part of the peninsula. Caching along the way. We met a nice couple & there daughter at their cache. Stopped at the Moose Lodge on the way home where Donna had stayed in '04.
Back home Trish & Carl arrived.

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Anonymous said...

Great place to be. I was there quite a while back and enjoyed it. We are still in Rapid City SD and will to to the Escapees Rally in Gillette WY the end of the month. See you somewhere done the line.
Jerry & Robi