Friday, September 09, 2011

Chico, Lassen & friends

Continuing south we headed for Chico to the Elk's Lodge where they had electric at their sites. We were disappointed that it is so poor we couldn't run the air conditioner, refrigerator or hot water without blowing it. Turned on everything but the A/C using propane. We were able to watch TV & have a lot of fans running. Since it was over 95 when we arrived we went into the lodge. Donna took her computer in and used their internet. We stayed for several hours visiting with some other rver's and then the lodges RV club had their monthly meeting with a delicious chicken dinner.

The next day to avoid the almost 100 degree heat we headed up to Lassen Volcanic NP. Of course, we cached along the way for Donna's butt fluffs. At one we found these huge pinecones.

The scenery on the south side of the park is awesome.
Even the wildflowers were gorgious.
There had been a thunder storm the night before and a forest fire had started from the lightening.

And of course little boys must play in the snow. 
 His attempt for a snowman fell short.

As we were driving through the park we picked up a couple hitchhiking back to where they had left their car to go on a hike. They were limping as they had just hiked 7 miles and it was at least 10 miles to where their car was parked. Long enough to make friends with Jim & his wife from Waldport, OR. They own the Seadog Bakery & Cafe there.

We no sooner got them back but we picked up another hitchhiker. Alice who is traveling around between jobs. Her back is huge as she doesn't have a vehicle.

We didn't get to see Pat & Art as Pat broke (or sprained) her ankle the night we got here and was laid up all day. But we did get to meet some new friends. Jim & Georgia. Shared some tequila with them after we cooled down and some apple cinnamon pull apart for breakfast the next morning.


Barbara and Ron said...

Sounds like you're having some wicked hot weather. BTW, what are 'butt fluffs'?

Alice Murnighan said...

Thank you so much for giving me the lift through the park - it was greatly appreciated. i have made it to shasta which is another wonderful place. happy journeys to you