Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hurrying along.

Our mail was due at Visilia and we pulled into the Elk's Lodge and went in search of it. The Main PO didn't have it. It had arrived at the PO first listed in the zip code list that Donna used. It would be shipped over from that one. Come back at 4:15. Still wasn't there.

Finally got it first thing the next morning and we headed out to Bakersfield. We needed a couple of thing at Camping World and we also knew we could overnight there. Bob spotted a sale table and we made a major purchase of a new GPS geared for RV's & trucks. It was over $150 off the manufactures price.

The Central Valley of California was HOT so we hurried our trip along with some mostly long days. Our next stop was 282 miles down the interstate. We watched the news before leaving to see if Tehachapi
pass was open. Wild fires had been consuming acres of the dry grassland. It was started by lightening. We did pass through the area and it was close to the highway. We also passed by the encampment where the men are housed in huge tents.

We arrived at the Elk's Lodge, parked and turned on the A/C. It was over 100 degrees but they had 50 amp and we cranked both A/C's. The lodge was having a meatloaf dinner before their meeting so we went up and enjoyed their lodge very much. We will return.

We both remarked how we felt like we were coming "home" when we could SEE the mountains. They weren't covered in trees. That night we had a beautiful sunset and woke to a beautiful sunrise. We crossed the Colorado River into AZ. Never recalled seeing that much water. Heading up & up to Kingman and then Flagstaff it got cooler. We kept going as we were anxious to get off the road and rest.

We pulled into the Verde Valley Thousand Trials 10 days ahead of our schedule on the 16th. It took us 4 tries to find a site we would fit in without blocking the next site. Instead of rows with parallel sites they have shared sites, most are pull thrus and thus at angles \ / and if we stick out too far the next rig wouldn't be able to swing in. Plus they aren't always level. The first one we tried the front end was so high Donna wouldn't be able to manage getting in & out with her hip problem. Of course, all the while we are doing this the neighbors are getting a good laugh. We did end up with a pretty view. 


Laurie and Odel said...

I hope you will review the new GPS in some later post. I think one might be in our future.

Funny comment about being able to "see" the mountains. I feel the same way when we are in forested areas (though I don't mind the trees for awhile) - always makes me wonder what is underneath. I really dislike camping in heavy forest.

Tom said...

We are on I-40 just passing 17. We shouted HI to you. Did you hear us?

Diana said...

Come early, watch the show;
Come late, be the show.

Desert Diva said...

LOL @ Diana's comment! :-)