Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catching up at Verde Valley

We have been catching up on things we haven't been doing during the summer months. Donna's cleaning the inside and Bob's doing the outside. You know boring things like washing the motorhome, defrosting and cleaning the refrigerator, dusting, vacuuming. All those chores we just have been putting off. Since it gets hot here in the afternoon (yes, it's a dry heat) we have been doing the work in the morning. Then we take off for town and the $3.50 dinner at the Senior Center. After that we do a few errands, caching and head home to sit in the shade and read.

We always have beautiful sunsets.

Got an email from Boomer friend's, Ron & Sharon Mead, who said they were in the park also. We met Ron at breakfast at the clubhouse on our first Saturday. Touched base with them  and played Pegs & a couple of times.

We cached so much we got our 1700th while here. Met some traveling single ladies and showed them the WIN information.

Went to the movies one day as it was HOT. Saw Abduction and went to dinner with Ron & Sharon at the El Rincon in Sedona.

Donna gave Sharon lessons on blogging. 

Drove to Jerome one day, caching along the way then stopped for a cool one at the Asylum. 

Donna's hip has gotten steadily worse all spring & summer. She went to an Orthopedic surgeron in Scottsdale and he took xrays. Said the hip was ok and ordered her an MRI. Discussed options, one of which is pain management. She made an appointment for the following day with a pain mgmt. doctor in Cottonwood. The MRI indicated sciatica and she will have injections into her spine.

We can stay in the Thousand Trails for 2 weeks and then have to leave for one week if we want to return to the same park. On Friday we moved to the national forest land just outside the park. We can come in everyday with just the car and use all the facilities then after the week out we come back in for 2 more weeks. Many people do this all season.

Before we left we discovered our friend Lloyd was at TT. He came up for happy hour and arrived just as it started to storm. We had a nice visit and were amazed at all the rain we had. Usually we get a few drops but this was a down pour for several hours.

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Wandrin said...

After that rain, wondering how deep are the ruts that Silver Slug left in "your driveway".