Thursday, October 13, 2011

More time at Verde Valley

We spent our week out on the National Forest Land. We had beautiful views when it wasn't raining. It was cloudy all week and Bob put up the wind generator. It ran one night all night long. We had to bring the bedroom slide in as the wind was making the slide topper make a lot of noise.

While there we read a lot. Went into the Sr. Cntr. for our cheap dinner's.
One day we took a back road out of Jerome & headed up to Williams. This was some of the pretty red rock we drove thru. 

Donna had her appointment with the Pain Management Dr. She has sciatica/bulging discs. She has to have a cortizone injection once a week for three weeks. Got the first one the day before we returned to the Thousand Trails park. We needed propane so we arrived early to get the propane at 11:30. After parking in our new site we went to the clubhouse where on Fridays they have lunch. Delicious chicken quasidilla for $4.

On Saturday we decided to try geocaching on 4 wheel drive roads to test out how comfortable Donna would be doing what we love to do. We were gone about 5-6 hours and she did have a few twinges but the Advil took care of that. We tried a new restaurant, the Hacienda and it is a definite return to one.

We both are getting hitch itch. The weather has modified. A bit cool in the morning (one day we had frost) but it has been sunny.

Another day we took a long drive. When we do long day's Donna's back acts up so we were testing the waters. Drove over a dirt road for over 20 miles, caching along the way, across the mountains thru Cherry to Dewey. There is a couple who own over 850 caches in this huge area from Prescott/Jerome/Cottonwood/Verde Valley. Just had to met them so emailed them our phone number & they called. We met "Jeananjoe"  at one of their caches at the Maverick gas station. Then we all headed to Costco for lunch (they work there). After a nice visit we went into Prescott & hooked up with a Win friend. Bob Dwyer. Had a nice visit then it was head home thru Jerome and caching along the way at more Jeananjoe caches. A quick stop at Little Ceasar's for a $5 pizza ended the day.

Okay let's really give Donna's back the ultimate test. A long day & 4 wheeling. Off to Flagstaff via Schnebly Hill

 road out of Sedona.

An awesome 4 wheel, scenic drive for 14 miles. Cached along the way but didn't find many.

On up the Interstate to Flag and Sunset Crater Nat. Mon.

A long drive thru the area & thru Indian ruins, back down to Flag and the Olive Garden for dinner. Donna then drove down the Interstate to home. Never needed a pain pill.

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Laurie and Odel said...

Donna, it must seem heavenly to be pain free! I sure hope you have found the solution to your long-lasting problem.

Safe travels, and thanks for the great photos.