Saturday, October 15, 2011

Becoming Cottonwood'its

The weather has been a bit warmer this week. One day we decided to head for the hills. So over to Prescott again. The colors are just coming out.

Of course, caching along the way. Never know what we will find at a cache site. 

Found 22 that day. After a cool drink we headed to the movies and the air conditioning. Saw Big Year. Not what we expected but still enjoyed it. Afterwards it was dinner, more caching and heading home.

When we weren't out doing day trips we would stay home and read. Sometimes in the shade outside and sometimes in the A/C inside.

We plan on coming to Cottonwood's Thousand Trails every spring & fall so we are really getting used to the area. One of the things we had to do was get a new medical provider since our nurse practitioner in Yuma upped & closed their office. So we found a new one and had our first appointment. We both really liked her. She gave us both a very thorough exam. Donna is still doing the pain management shots. After the initial shot the pain was 99% gone. The second week it was just an office visit as the insurance required that in between treatments.

We took another long day trip. At the Sr. Cntr. a lady was telling us of some pretty roads. We went over to Camp Verde and headed north on I17. Took the Stoneman Lake exit. A few miles down the road it turned to dirt. (we like them) 

Stoneman Lake without water.

We cached along the way, of course. One took us to a history lesson.  

Another to an overlook of Mormon Lake.

Bob over there caching while I took pictures.

In addition to Stoneman & Mormon Lakes,
 we saw Mary Lake.

We ended up back in Flagstaff and after dinner (linner) we headed down to Sedona via 89A. Better known as Oak Creek Canyon road. When we approached Sedona the sun was setting and the rocks were aglow. 

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