Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back Roads, More Red Rock, Rainbows and Cacheing

We moved back out of Thousand Trails to the NF land. Different location but better view. More RV's out here now. Donna had her second shot & has gone back to Curves. No pain so she doesn't need the third injection.

We continued to go on drives out into the desert.
Went to hidden canyons and beautiful views. Interesting places. A Vortex hotel's totem poles.
Is this their migrating route. 

Another cache lead us to Parson's Trail and we will go back & hike it. Probably next spring with the WIN's. Wouldn't have found it without our GPS cacheing.

We went to breakfast at TT on Sunday and met our friends Bobbie & Bob from our SI Singles group.

Another day we drove down I17 to Cordes Jct and cached in the Aqua Fria National Monument. We weren't too impressed with the park but we found several caches (got our 1800th).

 Another took us to a "town" Cordes. They have this business that's only open on weekends. The sign out front says population 11.

Back home we met Bob, Bobbie and their friends Don & Dar at Hog Wild Barbeque. It was jammed but delicious.

Our followup went well with our NP and we are sprung to travel. Planned on leaving Wednesday and since we were having T-Storms we opted to stay put. Had some beautiful rainbows. 
Notice the red rocks aglow on either side. 

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