Friday, October 28, 2011

Big City Life

We moved down the road to the southwest side of Phoenix. Goodyear to be exact. We parked at the Avondale Moose Lodge. It is Bob's home lodge. The WIN's used to come here and have mass inductions. We parked under "the" palm tree. The members are friendly, they all smoke which is a downer. Then trucks are allowed to park here also and that is annoying when trying to sleep. Why do they have to get on the road by 5am? I don't think we will be coming back here in the future. Once we no longer have the trailer we can stay at the Peoria lodge or Elk's lodges around the city.

Sunday we went out to TJ's for breakfast. As we were waiting for a table we chatted with another couple and had the host ask them to join us once we saw we had a table for 4. Leon & Jean live here now. Leon was born in Syracuse, NY. Donna's neck of the woods. Had a lovely visit with them. Then if was off caching. We picked up 14 west of here in Buckeye and beyond.

We were to meet Donna's cousin Ken and his wife Dee for dinner at Buca's at 6 pm. It is about 20 miles north of where we parked and didn't want to mess with rush hour traffic so we left around 2:30 and went to Fry's Electronics. The adult Toy store. It is huge and we strolled around for over an hour. All the staff were outfitted in Halloween costumes. Some were very creative. Wish we had taken pictures. Donna sat at the Cafe and had a Carmel mocha cappuccino. Then we found a few geocaches. The final one was on the back door of the restaurant. Ken & Dee arrived and we had a wonderful dinner.

The restaurant's decor is loaded with pictures & statues. The meals are huge and are served family style. A small entree serves 3 people. A large entree feeds 6. We ordered a small salad, all of us ate several helpings & finally we asked the waitress to remove what was left. We ordered 3 different pasta dishes. Ken and Dee  ordered the Lobster Spaghetti, Bob ordered baked rigatoni and Donna the Linguine Frutti di Mare. Seafood. The place mats had ads on it and Donna spotted that on Monday's we could get a free Spaghetti Marinara with an entree purchase. So we ended up with 4 entrees that each served 3. Let's see that adds up to 12 meals. We took 3 to go boxes home and Ken & Dee 2 boxes. But we are not done pigging out yet. They have desserts that feed more than 4. We ordered the Colossal Brownie Sundae. It was huge. Since it was ice cream, brownies and whipped cream we couldn't take a to go box so we had to force ourselves to eat it all. Success. We did it. We don't go there often but when we do. WELL what can we say.

After a couple of days of doing nothing (except eating leftover pasta) we relocated to the Freightliner service facility. Had to check in before 4 the day before our appointment. Early the next morning they took the motorhome in for servicing. We went back to TJ's for breakfast then cached in the area. Went to a movie nearby then cached some more.

We called Ron & Barbara, WIN friends who live in Mesa and we went to their house in the afternoon and out to dinner with them. While we were visiting Bob got a call that they were going to work overtime and finish the motorhome so we wouldn't have to stay over a third night. The area is predicted to have a storm front come through and we didn't want to be sitting around waiting for the winds to die down.

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ill bet the trucks had to leave so early so they could go make a living sometimes they leave early because they know they will be held up by old folks driving moterhomes 10 or 15 miles a hour less then the speed limit