Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back to Bouse and Thanksgiving

We returned to the campsite where we were with Bud & Nancy. Donna left first and stopped along Plomosa Rd to lead our friend Tioga George back to our site.  
Bob in the meantime helped finish the tear down of the tent with the Roadrunner's then went into Bouse for dump, water and propane. We will be out here for a month.

George needed his solar panel applied to metal instead of wood which kept rotting. He came all the way from San Diego for Bob's help.
I think he was impressed with Bob's work shop. 

We all went into the Grubstake for the all you can eat fish fry to celebrate Nancy's birthday.
 Bud always get's the BIG platter. 

Bud and Bob both worked on George's solar on Saturday and Sunday. Social hour followed both days at Bud & Nancy's motorhome. RVer's sure love to talk. The hour soon was stretching a lot longer than an hour. Sunday afternoon we took George to the Desert Bar.   Then he treated us to dinner at the "Floating Bar"

Nancy & Donna went to Parker for the Thanksgiving fixings. Filled the refrigerators so full we had to leave the bird in a cooler in the trailer. The day before Thanksgiving George put it in his refrigerator.

Thanksgiving Day arrived. We would not let the guys work today. But the girls sure did. George took the turkey to Nancy's at 7:45. Watched Nancy stuff it, then carried it to our motorhome and we cooked it in our oven as it was bigger. Donna made butternut squash & cranberry relish. Nancy had baked two loafs of bread, more dressing, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, gravy and a great pumpkin pie.
We were all stuffed. The girls divided everything between the two of us and then did the dishes.

The evening was topped off by this beautiful display of clouds & sunlight.

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