Friday, November 18, 2011

Roadrunner's Rally

We left Bud and Nancy on Tuesday for a three day rally with our Escapee Chapter 7 Roadrunner Rally.
We drove 30 miles to La Paz Valley Road south of Quartzsite. 
It was like coming home to our beginnings. Almost 6 years ago we met out here about 1/2 mile from this spot.

There were 48 people and about 21 rigs that attended. Most of them were from the Kofa Yuma Escapee park where we will soon be getting a lot.

There was a social hour every afternoon.

We were fed very good. The server's? The ?????
 The bean soup maker's

There was a meeting of the Chapter

 and a auction. 

Minute to win it games.

One jelly bean at a time.

 Get a cookie into your mouth from your forehead.


During the day we went caching. (Did you not expect us too!)
 This was the largest Travelbug we've ever seen.
It was at a TB Launching Pad. 

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gumo said...

I have found your blog via Vagabond George and have enjoyed reading about your travels. I have especially enjoyed learning about your solar set up and how it came together. Thanks for sharing with us.