Tuesday, December 06, 2011

All Alone

Bud & Nancy moved into Coyote Ridge Campground after Lee & Clay arrived. We helped Nancy pack things up then Bob drove their Jeep, Nancy drove the motorhome with Bud being the "back bed driver". Donna drove our Cheap Jeep and we got them settled in. On the way home we stopped and visited with Denise & Jerry. Their neighbor Tom came back with us to view the "garage". Then we were alone. It's so quiet out here. Almost too quiet. The little white spec in the distance is our motorhome.

We walked the road for exercise, watched the hummingbirds come to our feeder instead of Nancy's. Listened to the quiet and watched beautiful sunrises &

We went to Happy Hour at Bud & Nancy's one night then out to Joe's Cafe for dinner before going to Somewhere Arizona to dance & have a drink.

One day Bob set up sorting boxes and we worked on separating all the screws, nuts, bolts & other small parts into boxes. Still have a lot of work to do.

Went into town for coffee hour with Bud & Nancy after we stopped for breakfast. I think we must really miss them. Later saw on Facebook that Sharon Runyun, the WIN owner, was going to Silly Al's. We went to join her and before we got to Q spotted a couple of other Win's parked at Hi Jolly. Duane Child's joined us. Great pizza & conversation. Ended up not working all day.

A little rain must fall even on the desert but  we had a beautiful rainbow. It kept us from working in the trailer so we went to Parker & got our grocery shopping out of the way, read and watched TV, played games on the computer and rested up for the fun times ahead.

We moved into Coyote Ridge our last night near Bouse. Time to fill and empty the tanks and we wanted to spend one more happy hour with Bud & Nancy, Lee & Clay. They were running back & forth all week to Lake Havasu. Bud has surgery on his heels on Thursday.

It's off to join the WIN's in Quartzsite & Yuma for the rest of the month.

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