Friday, December 16, 2011

MM 99

We moved to La Paz Valley Road south of Quartzsite where the WIN gathering was (to be). Only 6 rigs here. Had "Circle" at our motorhome and nothing, absolutely nothing was discussed about activities for this event. Guess we are on our own.

We had a beautiful sunrise the next morning. The clouds finally gave way to sun.

You won't believe this but Bob had to go to town to "BUY" a tool. With all those thingy ma jig's in the trailer he didn't have the right tool to repair the wind generator. Donna worked on next summer's potential travels to Fairbanks, Alaska and back.

On Dec. 17th we attended a ceremony that made the  Hi Jolly monument in Quartzsite a National Historical Site. 

We invited Jim & Barbara over to learn about the computer aspect of geocaching. Since they were going to do it with their Droid phone we also invited Jerry & Denise to come and teach them that part.

One day we loaded up our laundry and drove to Bouse to do it. It's extremely cheap there. Afterwards we went to Bud & Nancy's for happy hour. He is doing well after his surgery but a bit bored lying in bed. He has to be in bed with his feet elevated for a week or so then he can maybe get up and dangle them. No standing for 6-8 weeks. We are so sorry Bud.

A few Win's left & a few arrived but still nothing was done. Tuesday morning we went into the QIA for the first Greet & Meet for Geocacher's.
Over 50 people came and it was fun hearing where they were from, their handle and how many caches they have found. Afterwards we went back to find a cache that our new students found but we hadn't. It WAS there.


Jerry Siegel said...

oduceGreat time at the Geocache Meet and Greet. I see several people logged our GeoDodge travel bug. Hope they do this again next month. ;-)

Jerry Siegel said...

oduce? Where did that come from?