Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last of 2011

We led a small group of Win's on a geocache excursion into the desert between our camp and the Foothills. Started out with a plan to grab 21 caches and soon deviated as our GPS's showed others nearby.  Bob had said to get them along a road but at times there was no road. Did it anyway. Stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant then continued back along another dirt road to home.

The group did a day trip to Algodones, Mx. While we were there we both got haircuts. $10 total with tip, then it was across the street to our dentist, Gabriella where we both got our teeth cleaned for $70. Didn't need to schedule any other work. Bob stopped to get his shoes shine for $2 while Donna, who was chilly as usual, went across the street to the Purple Pharmacy and sampled liqueurs to warm up. After about 5 of them she rejoined Bob and we went to the restaurant where the group was gathering. The service was lousy, the Margarita's, Corona's, music & company was great. We walked around thru all the vendors, had another drink at our favorite restaurant so we could say hi to Adrian, Donna's Mexican boyfriend. A quick stop to buy our 2 bottles of booze we are allowed and it was hit the border. The wait was about 1/2 hour.

There is a friend parked nearby and he has a blog. One day he featured us. Check it out. Just click on his name.
 Jim's Blog

Bob was helping a lot of people repair things on their rigs and he was disposing of a lot of the items in the trailer that he doesn't need. Donna went geocaching with Ted our neighbor and they got 14 in one day.

On New Year's eve the group had a campfire  and fingerfoods at 5:30.  Then at 7 we all went to the VFW for  more fingerfoods and dancing. Bob & I made it to about 10 o'clock then went home and watched TV before going to bed. Didn't see midnight.  HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE.

Hugs in the morning was were you bed clothes. Since most of admitted to very wrinkled bedclothes we decided to show up in our bathrobes. Nelda sweetened the morning as usual. That lady must stay up all night & bake.

We went to the pot luck our "Boomer" friends were having at Mittrey Lake. It was good to see friends we haven't seen in awhile. 

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Barbara and Ron said...

Happy New Year, Donna and Bob!