Sunday, January 08, 2012

WIN's @ Wellton, AZ

 Jan 3 after getting our motorhome waxed at the Win's Wash & Wax and Bob was finished with the repair on Diane's motorhome we headed to Wellton. It was getting dark when we arrived at the fuel station so Donna went in the car to check out where the Win's were parked. Came back and after doing the holding tanks led Bob into the area. We missed seeing any Win's that night.

The next morning Bob went on a 4 wheel trip to old mines on Dome Mountain Road.
They saw the "Eye in the Sky" Blimp on the ground and Thumb Butte. 

Donna had to go back to Yuma for a doctor's appointment, killed time caching & visiting then we went out to dinner.

One of our events was to 4 wheel on the Barry Goldwater Range. We had to get a permit, call the authorities to let them know we would be on the range. Kurt led 4 other vehicles besides his for about 4 hours. To Raven's Butte.  and interesting formations in the mountains. 

When they headed back to camp, Bob & I dropped out and geocached on the way home. We got 50 caches in less than 2 hours.

Back at Circle just as the sun was setting.

Saturday was football day at Kurt's. We started out by eating breakfast at the VFW with Arlene & George, Bonnie & Doug too. Then after taking them back home we headed out to see another pyramid in AZ.  Camp Horn. The east entrance to George Patton's training camp which extends into CA and up toward Las Vegas. There are 4 pyramids in AZ and we have seen two of them. This was easy to find when we programmed in the geocache that was nearby. Heading back to camp we took backroads, most of them dirt. Stopped at the town of Roll for ice cream and to see the Post Office inside the local store. Anything from groceries, toys, fishing equipment and licenses for fishing & hunting can be purchased there. We had a nice time talking with Kathy who worked there. She is interested in fulltiming someday. We filled her in. Afterwards we went caching, what else and achieved our 2000th find along the way. A great "Linner" at the Mexican restaurant followed. When we got home there was an alarm going off. Our refrigerator had shut down with the overheating safety sensor. Bob checked the internet on what to do while Donna was taking food to friends refrigerators that were semi-empty. He tried to  bypass the sensor & got it running but it never cooled. We shut it off. The next morning we made "coolers" out of the freezer part and took all our frozen foods to Kurt's park model freezer.

Our last day with the Win's was another football day at Kurt's. At 4 o'clock halftime our group had a pot luck. Bob cooked the hot dogs and we all chowed down. Next was a birthday cake for "Evil Ann" made by "Nice Ann" of course.

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