Monday, January 09, 2012

Back to Yuma

We spent Monday over in Yuma. Donna had a Boomer Ladies Luncheon while Bob ran errands and shopped for a refrigerator @ Lowes. Showed me them but they wouldn't deliver to the Casino. On the way home he helped Bill Gott redesign his solar adjusters.

We relocated on Tuesday to the Paradise Casino near oldtown Yuma. Off  to the Home Depot to check out their refrigerators. The one we wanted wouldn't be delivered until the 18th. We then went to a huge Boomer gathering at Ron & Sharon's new place in the Foothills. Ron cooked hot dogs and we all brought dishes to share. Had a great time. On our way home we stopped at Sears and then an appliance store and found a refrigerator. It's a little smaller than the Lowe's & Home Depot but the price was right and the energy savings was the best we have seen. Called all the guys who said they would help and crashed.

Up early the next morning, breakfast at the casino and then dismantled the refrigerator, 

took out the window and moved the old frig out
with John's  & Phil's help

 Bob revamped the box so the new frig would fit.

At 2 PM  Ken & Bill came to help also. We visited until just before 3 when the deliver man showed up. The guys got it thru the window and installed into the box. Bob & Bill  got it all hooked up.

John came back and with Phil's help they reinstalled the window. Everything was piled on the bed so we had to reassemble all of it before we could go to bed. 
The valance and shade, the hide-a-bed, nicknacks oh and we also had to eat a quick dinner sometime. Thank goodness for leftover's.

After it cooled down Donna loaded the cooler foods into it. Wow. We have so much space it's calling for a Sam's Club run.

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