Monday, January 16, 2012

Heading North a Little

Before we left the Paradise Casino we had our generator serviced then packed up and drove to Martinez Lake where the WIN's had gathered. We spent two nights there. After we set-up we drove back down to Yuma for 2 Memorial Services for our friends Joey Shelton and Jerry Gertner. We then drove to the lot in the Foothills where Diane Boor was staying. She had a spell on New Year's Eve and the doctor told her no driving for 3 months. Donna drove her rig back to park with us at Martinez.

Had a beautiful sunrise. 
Bob and I went geocaching on Dome Mine Road and got our exercise finding 35 that day. Back at the Lake we went to dinner. Some of the Win's were there dancing. We just danced one dance then it was back home.

On the 16th we drove to Quartzsite. Donna took Diane to the WIN's gathering on Plomosa Road while Bob took our's to Boomerville on the south side of Q. After setting up he came over and got her and we went for lunch then over to see Bud & Nancy in Bouse. Their daughter Diane had come for a couple of weeks visit. She & Donna's first two daughter's used to play together 40 years ago. It was nice to see her again.

Back at Boomerville we stopped at Terry & Vicky's rig. Shot the breeze and drank lots of wine. They helped us move into our motorhome 5 years ago.

Tuesday we went into town. Checked on where the restaurant was the SKP's breakfast would be. Decided to eat lunch there. On our way in we invited a couple to sit with us whom we have never met. We do that often. Dave & Mandy are staying in Yuma at an rv park and came up for the day. They were very interested in our boondocking lifestyle. They must have really enjoyed meeting us as they picked up our lunch tab. Thank you Dave & Mandy. On the way home we grabbed a couple of caches. Had a great Happy Hour with the Boomer's. Nice to see old friends. We played Peg's & Joker's with Shepard's.

Wednesday it was up early for breakfast with the SKP's then we drove to Bouse so Bob could check on the part he was repairing for Bud's transport chair. Stopped briefly to see what Win's were at their gathering and got a hug from Nelda. Came home and Bob made the adjustment to Bud's chair part and later Nancy & Diane came by for a brief visit and to pick up the part.

Thursday there was a discussion on boondocking (dry camping) at the fire pit. We attended and contributed our thoughts.
At 1 we went to the big SKP Happy Hour. Met some of our old friends and made some new friends. Listened to some great music. It was the good old Rock n Roll music but with  Christian lyrics. Back at Boomerville we went to another Happy Hour. Deanne & Jerry moved there rig over and are our neighbors just like last year. In the evening we played P&J with them and our other neighbor Tom who flies his ultralight every morning.

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