Sunday, January 22, 2012


The Boomer's are a sub-chapter of the Escapees Club. It's really a BOF "Birds of a Feather" group as these subchapter's are called. We decided this year to park with them while they are at Quartzsite. We parked with them last year for one week but we are here for 2 weeks this year. Bob parked us in the same spot as last year. We are almost the first rig that is seen when entering into the area. It is BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land and we dry camp out in the desert. We have to move after 2 weeks. It's suppose to be 25 miles away but it really isn't enforced.

We have had some incredible sunrises and sunsets while here. 

There was a chili cook-off. Donna entered her taco soup. There were 30 pots of chili's and the judges sure had to work hard to determine the top 3. Those that didn't bring chili brought the other "fixin's" and no one left hungry. 

Bud & Nancy's daughter Diane came out for a couple of weeks to be with them. With Bud laid up from his broken heels we took her for a day trip. She had never been to California so over the border we went. She had a day of firsts. First to CA, geocache, wild burro's, driving over a dam,

 the floating bar and then we took her to the Desert Bar. 

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