Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Having a Boomer good time

 Boomerville, we are the first rig on the right. Tom our neighbor takes the pictures from his power kite. 
Everyday there is a list of things to do. Walking, 4X4, Happy Hour, discussions groups for safety, dry camping, solar, hobbies, exercises, pancakes and pot lucks but the most famous and well attended has to be the Geraldine Contest.  It started a number of years ago when the ladies had planned a luncheon in town and Jerry (a man) wanted to go. He showed up in drag and ever since then they have a beauty contest. The ahem (man) on the right won.

One day we went over to the WIN's gathering for their remembrance of all those who passed away this past year. Randy read a poem and other's shared their times with the dearly departed. It was nice to also see old friends who are still with us.

We play cards sometimes in the evening with different couples and that usually ends with a drink or two but who cares we are home and the others can walk home.

There has been a lot of wind this past week but hopefully we are getting warmer temperatures. It's not too much fun sitting outside bundled up in winter coats. But we have pretty sunrises.

The CARE auction was held and riotious bidding raised the total to over $2400. Bob got a bottle of Merlot with 4 glasses and an alarm thingy that didn't work.

We had a busy day on Thursday. Went to the Big Tent and bought lots of stuff. Then after a quick lunch we went to the WIN's ice cream social after visiting Dot Judge a geocacher parked near there. On to Bouse for our mail (got our checks from our financial man). Stopped at Bud & Nancy's with a gallon pail of ice cream from the social. On to the bank at Parker to deposit the checks at our bank. Then on to yet another memorial service for our another friend, Dottie Johnson. 
Saw Curt, Celeste and Ed there. 
On the way home a quick stop at Walmart for some shopping. It was after dark before we got home. The frig had been off for 9 hours on a warm day and was at 46 when we got home. Not bad as our propane one would often get to that temperature also.

Donna went geocaching on Saturday with two ladies, Margie & Rhonda, from the Geocache BOF we belong to. Bob didn't want to do a "power run". That's where every .1 mile there is a cache. Donna wanted the numbers and she got them 256 in one day. They titled themselves as SKP3 for signing purposes. One drove while the other two took turns jumping out of the car to sign the log. It took 7 hours with a couple of  pottie breaks for the dogs and the ladies. They caught up with another car of cacher's the "Newmar". When we got to the last one it couldn't be found. The usual pile of rocks where there but the log was missing so we made a new one. 

While Donna did that Bob went to a gold claim with the Boomer's and then to Silly Al's with them. They had the whole back room and had a good time.

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