Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Caching Fun

We moved 15 miles to the northside of Quartzsite to join up with another group we belong to with the Escapees. This one is the Geocache BOF (Birds of a Feather). We had 60 rigs gathered and had games to meet people, happy hours, pot lucks, and we even sponsored an "Event" whereby cacher's who are not members of Escapees BOF can come.

There were classes for the "newbee's" and discussion groups for the old pro's. It was great to see old friends and we "mentored" Kay & Tom, old friends for a long time. We took them out caching to teach them how. They haven't even purchased a GPS yet but they are hooked. They both got quite good at find them.

And we also had the usual beautiful sunrises. Doesn't get boring with the sunrises & sunsets.

We got "THE PHONE CALL" that we have our lot at the Escapee coop park in Yuma. It's called the Kofa Koop. We are leaving a day early to get to Yuma so we can take care of the business end of it on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentoring us in geocaching! We're having a great time!!
Kay & Tom

Desert Diva said...

Congrats on getting your lot in Yuma!