Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Party & Lot

We are back at the VFW/BLM in Yuma and it is packed. More rigs here than at Christmas. Our first day was busy. We went to Ernie's birthday party along with a lot of our WIN friends. 
The birthday boy wanted chocolate cake. He thought there was only the white cake. Boohoo. Then Wanda came with the chocolate one. Little did he know that both "cakes" were chocolate.

A couple of the gals wanted to have a spoon fight. 

From there we high tailed it across town grabbed a couple of caches along the way and a book at the Goodwill before joining our Boomer "movie" friends at Mi Rancho for a delicious Mexican dinner. We had a lovely conversation at a noisy restaurant with Larry & Debbie Crutcher who own Starlight Solar. He  & Bob had a lively conversation about solar, invertors etc, etc, etc. No one in the group took any pictures but there must have 20 of us there.

Back home we played pegs & joker's with Karen, Chuck, Diane and Sue. It was a busy day.

On Thursday, Feb 2 we became lessee's at the Escapee Kofa Resort. We had been on the list a little shy of 6 years. We have it in the rental pool and will go on it on the 14th. It has a shed we checked out and we can store our trailer in the storage lot for our summer travels.

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