Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A lot on our Lot

We finally moved to our lot at Kofa. After an early lunch we set to work. Moved the wood outside that we had stored there last week then vacuumed the dust out of it.
About that time our friend Curt had arrived and he came over to help Bob. They cleaned the shelves which were coated with spilled oily goop, inlaid plywood over the old floor to give it more support and built a workbench. While they were doing that Donna went to town and got a bunch of storage boxes at Lowe's.

The next 2 days we moved stuff from the trailer and bays of the motorhome around. Some went into the shed, some went into the bays and some went into stuff for the yard sale. 
We would work from 8am until about 3:30pm each day. Bed called us by 8 or 9. To say we were tired is an understatement. Sore too.

One night there was Happy Hour with heavy hors d'euvres. So heavy it was like a pot luck. Didn't have to cook dinner that night.

On Friday, Art came over with his truck and hauled the nearly empty trailer over to the storage lot. The only things in it were the leftover wood and the canoe.

We went into the mall for dinner at Famous Dave's. We met Bob & Nancy there, friends from our cruise 5 years ago.

The yard sale was a bit of a disappointment. Only made about $40. We put the stuff back into the shed or donated them to the park clubhouse.
That afternoon we attended a wedding. Our friends Art Buckley and Pat Reno got married. It was the first wedding to ever be held here. Cake, ice cream and sparkling punch followed.

The ride home for them was fancied up.  

 There was an afternoon dinner reception for them and we were invited.

The next day there was a geocache event at the park in old town Yuma. We went last year. This year we were too tired to do the games so we sat and visited with friends we have made caching in Hawthorne. NV (Okra & Desert Lady)and (Jean & Joe) Prescott, AZ.

We sold our canoe to old friends of Donna's. We met them at a Date Shake place and delivered it to them. We had a nice visit with Doreen & Jack Ingle.  

Stopped briefly to visit Shari then went to find a geocache where Okra & Desert Lady were staying in the Foothills.  We had a lovely couple of hour visit with them and their family & friends.

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