Friday, February 24, 2012

Still Settling In

The Annual meeting for the park was this week. We could attend but not vote as the ballots had been sent out earlier. It was interesting. At noon there was a pulled pork lunch we enjoyed. We are getting to meet lots of people. Most of us wear our nametags so we can remember names a little bit better.

Our neighbor Edie is selling her park model. She is an interesting lady. She is 90 years old. Her career was a highway engineer and she worked on the Al-Can highway. She has written a book but we haven't had time to even get it. It will be an E book shortly.

Bob continued to work arranging the tools and stuff in the shed. He added a shelf/table onto the outside of the shed. It can be a worktable or a stand for a grill.

I laid a few paver blocks so when we park the MH we don't have to move so far back.

We talked with Lloyd and he and his brother are going to re-roof the shed after we leave.  Jose, who works in the park will extend the patio and go behind the motorhome, also move the gravel around to where it's needed.

It can't be all work and no play, so one evening we went into town to see "One for the Money". We have read all but the newest Janet Evanovich novels and this is the first one to be made into a movie. It was great and hope they continue to make movies of her books.

We cleaned up our kayaks that had taken a beating in the trailer and mounted them back on the roof of the car. Bob was making one of the bins into his tool compartment. He actually went out and bought more tools. They were containerized into a smaller box that fit better than all his other boxes.

One afternoon we went to the Foothills to a Boomer Pot Luck. There were 43 of us there. We filled the backyard and our tummies.

We just seem to be working and eating. The park had a Turkey Soup and Ice Cream Social back to back on Sunday night. Of course, we went even tho Donna cooked all morning. She hadn't made cabbage rolls in over 30 years and the rice was a bit crunchy. But the Taco Soup was good and spicy.

We went caching one day (got #2400) then stopped by the fairgrounds to see Terri & Nick "Gypsy Journal". We invited ourselves to go out to dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse with them and their advance team Barb, Tom, Jan & Greg.

Leap year. What to do with our extra day. Work or play. We chose play and went geocaching again then went to Lute's Casino where the SouthWesternArizonaGeogaches(SWAG) held an Event. We sat with Barb, Tom, Jenny & Dan. Had a good time.

Found some travelbugs there also. One on a hat
and one on a arm.

Friday we started the day with a talk by the border patrol at the clubhouse. It was very interesting. The cars & foot smuggling of drugs have been curtailed somewhat in the area but now they are flying Ultralight's and dropping their loads of 250# into the US. One was found just below the area where our park is.

Our friends Janet & Doug came back from the Baja in Mexico. They came by to see our lot and then we went into town to the Red Lobster.

We packed up and hitched up the car and left our lot until next fall. Come follow us on our travels.

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