Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Heading North, Nevada

April 17, 2012

We left the SKP park and drove to Hawthorne, NV.

This dark mountain is actually a mining operation for the decorative stone for landscaping.

Pretty scenery 
and the quaint town of Goldfield were along the way.

 Dust devil in the distance.

We stopped at the Casino where we parked last year. Went over for dinner and to pay our rent (Donna lost $5 & Bob won a few pennies). Stayed overnight. It was a long day for us 276 miles.

On we went to Fallon the next day.

We past Walker Lake where we stayed 2 weeks last May.

Our friends Jerry & Denise stayed outside of Fallon at the Grimes Point Archeological site last year. We visited them there so that is where we ended up for a couple of nights. Not everyone has this view sitting on their throne. 

We took a hike up behind the motorhome. Click on this picture and you will see our motorhome dead center. In case you can't we zoomed for you.

 We went to the caves and to get a cache. Bob went clear to the top for it and got this picture.
Pretty lichen were on the rocks. 

Then we went for a drive back on the dirt road that goes past us, grabbed a couple of caches. The road continued to deterioate but on we went. Bob sure had a good time with the 4 wheeling. We stopped at the DQ for our dinner Blizzard after a few more caches. What a life.

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