Monday, April 09, 2012

Time to Party

Since we rested all week it was time to party and what better excuse than celebrate Easter and Bob's birthday. Donna promised him dinner out since she isn't the best cook. His favorite restaurant is a mexican restaurant inside Boulder Station. Donna tipped the waitress off that it was Bob's birthday and the waiters sang Happy Birthday to him and gave him fried ice cream with a candle.

We then went down to Fremont St. 

 We love to see all the costumed people     

and performers. One was a magician who had cigarettes floating all around him and a signed $20 bill he had taken from one of the onlookers that wound up inside an uncut lemon. The highlight of the evening is the light show on the huge roof that covers several blocks of Fremont St. New to us also is the Zip line. Bob tried several times to capture them as they went over.

Our friend Billie got us free tickets one day to see the Red Skelton tribute by Brian Hoffman. Not only does Brian resemble Red but get ready for this. He's from Damascus, Ohio and had lived less than 1/2 mile from Bob and graduated high school from West Branch. It sure is a small world. Bob is 18 years older so they didn't know each other.

We went out to dinner one more time with Carl & Maryann. Saw another WIN, Adele Adams, show up here at the campground. Dined in Las Vegas with Donna's husband cousin Kay from Canton, OH and with Billie. Oh, did we mention one more trip to Fry's electronic. Maybe we should just park the motorhome there next time. It sure is beautiful here and we hate to go but it's time to head further north.

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