Friday, April 06, 2012

Getting Caught Up

What is there to catch up on. Well, laundry one day. We only do it every 3 weeks that way we can play more.

Reading. Who has time to read when we are always going somewhere, doing something. We collect books at lodges and thrift stores or free tables. Now we are getting a chance to read them. Between us I think we have read a dozen books.

We both have a collection of VCR tapes from our time with our families and our travels. The new technology calls for DVD's. Bob got a program for the computer to transfer them and he has been hard at work. So far he has worked on the DVD of the reconstruction of his huge house in Ohio. It took him and his wife along with others 6 years from the basement to the roof.

Relaxation....Oh did I mention relaxation....

Visiting with friends Jerry & Sherry. 

Visiting with old friends at our favorite restaurant in town.

And of course enjoying the scenery.

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Barbara & Tom said...

That's what full timing is all about... right?