Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crescent Bar

We left Dee and Richland and headed up the road to Quincy, WA. 
The 1000 Trails campground is about 8 miles west, down a steep twisty road to Crescent Bar. This beautiful park sits right on the Columbia River and is at the far right in the picture. It is a deep gorge and the river flows swift. Jet pilots train from Whidbey Island by locating a huge rock just south of Grand Coulee Dam and follow the river going right by the campground.

We found a site but there was a tree next to us that blocked our SATV signal so the next morning we moved. We even have a better view of the river.

When we checked in, our package with the window was here.
Bob installed the window. Donna did laundry. The showers, spa and laundry are right behind us. During our stay Bob worked on his honey-do list. Recaulked the shower and repaired the kitchen faucet that had become stiff with sediment. It so nice to have a handyman around the house.

Bob checked the WA map & located a road called Palisades Rd. Donna found some geocaches along the route & away we went. In the ice age Lake Missouli formed in MT. It was half the size of Lake Michigan and when the ice dam broke it sent a torrent thru the area and scoured a deep gorge all the way to the ocean. It refilled several times over the years and created the scablands in eastern WA.
There were interesting shapes of lava that are exposed. Some are upright columns 

and others look like waves in an ocean. Then there are the various layers, all of which make for interesting scenery. The valley between is filled with wheat farms.
Along the way we came across this old camper. 
At the other end was a
long winding road out of the valley and at the top was just flat lands filled with more wheat farms. 

Of course no trip would be without a cache. 

And then there are all the beautiful sunsets.  

 And sunrises.

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RV Vagabonds said...

Denny and I discovered this campground a couple of years ago and just loved the area. Of course the summer temperatures of 100+ degrees were a bit tough since our air conditioners weren't working properly but we enjoyed the area nevertheless.