Monday, June 18, 2012

On to Grand Coulee

Before we left Quincy, Donna took a fall in the shower house. She hit the corner of this bench full force with her chest. Scraping the skin off her chest. 
The ladies who assisted her were seeing a lot of blood so they called 911. A half hour later the EMT's showed up.

After they bandaged her we took off for Grand Coulee. Along the way we spotted this rusty boat with a truck parked on the bow.

The scenery along the highway was beautiful.

We came upon Steamboat Rock.

And other pretty rocks. There was also this windmill farm.

We settled in at the Moose Lodge. 
Went to see the dam during the day light. Bob went into the visitor center and got info for the laser light show for that evening. There was also a film about Glacier Lake Missoula flood during the Ice Age. We learned a lot about the topography of the area.

The next day we did a 190 mile loop thru the Colville Indian Reservation to Omak, then headed east before turning south. We, of course, geocached along the way. There were pretty forests, 
rock out croppings,  

interesting little towns, valleys  

 and lakes along the way.                 

Even Big Foot. 
 Homesteader's cabins.

On our last day in Grand Coulee we drove south to Dry Falls state park. Of course, we cached along the way. 

At the visitor's center we could look down at Dry Falls. 

Then we drove down into it. There were a lot of erractic boulder's left by the great flood. As high as these cliffs are the waters were twice as high.

There was flora. 

 and fauna
and fowls. 

After seeing it we took a different way back along the upper scablands and saw lots of erratic's. Rocks that were dropped by the ice age floods. Some even had geocaches.

Back at Grand Coulee we went to the Crown Point overlook of the dam. We even went back for the 10 o'clock laser show.


Spencerusvi said...

Thanks for all the info. We'll be there in August.... Hope you are healing well from your fall.

tami said...

Geez Mom!!!! Lucky it was your chest and not your face! Kisses and healing hugs your way!

Barbara and Ron said...

Nothing slows you down! Sorry to hear about your mishap and hope it heals up quickly.