Wednesday, June 06, 2012

On The Road Again....Route 12 in WA

The first clear day came up finally in Chehalis and we took advantage and hit the road. Our next stop was for somewhere near Yakima. Donna downloaded some geocaches to grab along the way where ever parking was good for the motorhome. There were some awesome views at some of the caches.
Flat Top Falls.
Mt. Rainier Viewpoint. 
 Fresh snow on the mountain tops.
 Think this one is called Lava Falls.
Clear Lake. That island has a cache on it but we didn't want to check for it with the ice cold water.
These are all of Rimrock Lake. 

We had planned on stopping at a National Forest Campground on Rimrock Lake but the weather forecast was predicting a low in the 30's and that's too darn cold for our AZ blood.

On we went thru more beautiful scenery  and soon we were "seeing" the mountains again as this side of the Cascades is desert like with a beautiful river running along side the road.

While Bob drove Donna did some more research on the IPad and Day's End's files. We entered the Yakima Canyon  and came up

with this BLM campground along the Yakima River. $15 for two nights with our Golden Age sure beat the Elk's $25 for one night.

We watched a white pelican land near a flock of geese.
And there were lots of magpiesand during the night we heard wolves howling. Great drive and great campsite. Did I mention we were the only ones here?

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Spencer said...

Loved that drive. Went thru there last summer on the way to Prosser and the balloon festival.