Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Scenic Byway

We stayed at the Moose Lodge in Great Falls, MT. It is Donna's home lodge as she joined it 2004 when on the Lewis & Clark Trail with the Single International group. We stayed here a couple of times in 2010 and even left our motorhome here while we flew back to Ohio for her granddaughter's wedding.

Jeff, the administer remembered us. We were here when he became grandpa to quads. 2 girls & 2 boys. We were hoping to see them but missed them by a day.

While in GF we went to two of our favorite restaurants. Cattleman's for beef and Rizzi's for their garlic chicken pizza. We also did shopping at Sam's Club, Walmart and picked up a few geocaches.

Jeff told us not to miss the scenic byway. Donna had already planned to go that way to White Sulpher Springs. This was the Sluice Boxes overlook.
The river ran right beside the road.

Along the way we stopped at King's Hill Summit at the national forest campground.We liked it so much we stayed for 3 nights even though we were completely without contact to the outside world. No internet or cell service. But we had mule deer visit everyday. 

We took a day drive to White Sulpher Springs one day on back roads. We went past Newlan Reservior and would have loved to camp there but it would have been about 5 miles down dirt roads. We just washed our rig a week ago so opted out on that one.
Took a drive to the fire tower at our campground.

The guys & gals were painting it so we couldn't climb to the top. The ski resort's lift was nearby so got our pics there.

 Another day we went to Neihart about 9 miles north and hiked to Memorial Falls. 
and the upper falls. 

It was peaceful and beautiful and of course we got a geocache that Bob had to cross a stream to get to.

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