Friday, August 03, 2012


We relocated 33 miles south and back to civilization where we had cell service & internet again. At White Sulpher Springs we settled into an RPI park that is part of our 1000 Trails upgrade. We got an end site, no neighbors and a view of the mountains to the west and east.

We took a day trip up into the Castle Mountains after consulting the forest ranger down the street to make sure the road was passable for our vehicle. 

After driving to the southern point of our trip we were stopped by cattle being herded  down the road. "YeeeeeHaaaaaa" was the call the cowboys were shouting.

The little "town" of Lennep was where the cattle were and if you enlarge the picture you can see the cattle in the center moved into their new range.

On we went to the townsite of

Up, up, up we went until we were on top of the world.
 Then back down again.
Then on main roads we went to the small town of Martinsdale to see the Bair Family Museum.
  The home was owned by a very wealthy family in the late 1800's. He knew everyone from presidents to Wily Post, and even Sacagewa's son. The house was beautiful and contained many paintings by very well known artists.

The door handles were 18 carat gold. 
And the commode had a unique cover.

After the tour we went into the town for dinner. We had met these lovely ladies on the tour and when they arrived at the restaurant we invited them to share our table. Janet on the left is the daughter of Jere on the right. Her cousin Jayne is in the middle. Janet splits her time between Brooklyn, NY and Billings, MT where the others are from. They were just returning from a family reunion in Birch Bay, WA and we were able to talk about the various places we have traveled. The ULTIMATE dessert was when we all had the rhubard custard pie and Cheryl Marchi the owner shared her receipe for the pie and the hamburger soup.

The great day ended 
with this beautiful sunset.

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