Saturday, July 21, 2012

Canadian Trip Day 2 / Glacier NP

We headed to the border and they almost didn't let Donna return. The guard said her passport had expired but it had been renewed until 2014. After a slight inspection we proceeded south toward the eastern entrance to Glacier near St. Mary's.  Bob wanted a picture of the river and Donna wanted one of these horses and the cloud.
After entering the park we drove along the St. Mary's Lake. When we were here in '06 there were major fires so it was better viewing today.
 We both feel Glacier beats Waterton hands down and the pictures we take really don't do justice to the incredible scenery on the Going to the Sun Highway.
The road has been open less that a month and we were really impressed with all the waterfalls.

 At the pass there was still a lot of snow and it looks like the visitors are enjoying it.
As we left Logan Pass Bob spotted the mountain goats/sheep.
We never know which.
Then more waterfalls both near and far.
  Arriving on the other side at McDonald Lake we stopped for a bite to eat then headed back to home. Tired but a glass of wine relaxed us and it was early to bed after our busy 36 hour trip.

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Barbara and Ron said...

That was really an especially good two days. What spectacular scenery.