Saturday, July 21, 2012

Canadian Trip Day 2, Waterton National Park

We left the motel heading south from Pincher Creek toward Waterton Lake National Park. Passed thru beautiful farm land.

Near the park was a buffalo wildlife loop so we drove it and spotted a few.

 Arriving at the Waterton lake townsite we decided it was way to windy to stay there and the campgrounds were all full any way.

So we went to this waterfall for another Earthcache. 

We took a side road to Cameron Lake. Cow Parsnip flowers load with flies.
Arrived at the lake.The other side had waterfalls and was in Montana.

The Waterton Townsite was started when oil was found nearby. There are private residences and many restaurants & gift shops. A huge hotel was built after the oil well era to encourage the residents to stay.
The view from inside was nice but it was too earlier to eat.

We took the Red Rock Canyon road in the park and there was a grizzly sighting. 

The wildflowers were a pretty forefront to this mountain peak.

And there were "more Red Rocks"

 After that drive we got a bite to eat in Waterton and headed south. Stopped for one last view of Waterton.

Looking south we saw  Chief Mountain.

And more Rocky Mountain

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