Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Forest Drive North Fork Flathead River

Bob found a route to take along the North Fork of the Flathead river. It skirts the west side of Glacier National Park. Along the way we saw this mural in the town of Hungry Horse. We looked for caches along the way but there weren't many out in the boondocks.

There were major fires here in 1997 so we had views of the mountains.
The forest is coming back.

Along the way we stopped at Polebridge. Bob said we had been here before but Donna didn't believe him until we saw this merchantile.

We bought a cool drink and shared a delicious huckleberry bearclaw. Started to visit with this couple and their children. They are from Boise, ID and were jealous of our lifestyle.

We continued on cutting across Stillwater State Forest and the Whitefish Mountain Range. It was dirt roads all the way but incredible beautiful.

Mountain streams & lakes

Back home this deer family came to visit. We had a good day wouldn't you say?


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. By any chance can you find a smaller font??!!

Barbara and Ron said...

Yes, that was a very good day. Lovely scenery and a nice deer family.